Automobile Translation


Professional Automobile Translation


If you require quality Automobile translation all you need is a qualified Automobile translator. We ensure that you will receive accurate translations certified for safety and reliability in compliance with our translation standards. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Skilled Automobile Experts


We recruit only suitably qualified translators and linguists to undertake your projects. Our carefully chosen translators ensure that the output is proficient.


We can offer a strong in-house team who work on on-going projects focused especially on the Automobile industry.


Automobile Terminologies and Glossaries


To maintain specialized terminology and a glossary on the client’s behalf we use internationally recognized SAEJ2450 Translation Quality Metric. TIMESTRANS also internally manages an Automobile translation memory and glossaries which assist the translator, ensure consistency and reduce costs. Currently TIMESTRANS is developing its own unique tailor-made software solution that will guarantee exceptional efficiency in your Automobile translations.


Cooperation with your distributors/partners to ensure correct terminology is a matter of course, so the content is kept in your best interest.


Quality Procedures and Automobile Standards


At TIMESTRANS we use only quality procedures in compliance with internationally recognized ISO 9001:2001 certification. We work closely with the client and we adopt additional quality control in order to align with the client-side process where needed.


Types of Projects we do for this sector

* Automobile Manuals Translation

* Web Site Translation

* Service Manuals Translation

* Translation of Service Bulletin Communications

* eLearning Training Translation

* Training Manual Translation

* Intranet Translation

* Dealer Portal Translation

* Catalog Translation

* Marketing and Promotional Translation

* Event Materials Translation


Specialists on Automobile Translations


Our domestic network of 1,500 linguists possess expertise in the Automobile industry to ensure content is conveyed with the appropriate message. All translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and terminologies, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent. We can build teams quickly to support major projects, ensuring fast turnarounds and our Project Managers are skilled in both project planning and quality control.



Terminology and Translation Memory Management


Accurate glossary and term database are the first step in ensuring translation quality. TIMESTRANS will work out a project-specific glossary with the client's reviewer if necessary and convert it to different formats for convenient reference.

Translation memory (TM) tools:
SDL Trados
STAR Transit


Quality Translation Procedures


We work within a documented quality procedure born from experience. Where required we will adopt additional quality controls in order to align with client-side process.




All TIMESTRANS translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. TIMESTRANS takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.


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We much appreciate your use of terminologies. It's incredible that you complete the large volume of translation within such a short timeframe while maintaning the consistency of terminologies.

--Travelex Currency Services Inc


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