General Document Translation


We provide customized services as per your specified requirement:



Expedited Translation

TIMESTRANS offers “Expedited Translation” service to produce draft-quality translations with greatly reduced delivery times. Each document is translated by a certified linguist, but is not subject to the proofreading or in-house quality assurance stages.

Expedited translations produce the entire source text in the target language text on a shorter time scale than TIMESTRANS' full three-step process. The resulting text is appropriate for internal documents and when reviewing a high volume of material in a short period of time, but is not optimized for external distribution or publishing.


Certified Translations

TIMESTRANS' three-step translation process produces translations of the highest quality that read as if they were originally crafted in the target language. We assign three professional linguists:

Step 1: A native-speaking translator
Step 2: Certified editor
Step 3: A native-speaking proofreader

Each of these linguists is officially certified via the TIMESTRANS Linguist Certification (TLC) program.

Our goal is not simply to translate literally, but to work within the target language, so that original nuances and tone remain intact and the original message is conveyed without compromise. Text that passes through our full three-step translation process is of distribution quality.


On-Site Translation

In cases where you need on-site translation services, TIMESTRANS regularly provides linguists for on-site work at any location needed. For on-site translation services either in China or abroad, please get in touch with TIMESTRANS to discuss your specific requirements and to receive a customized quotation.

Terminology and Translation Memory Management


Accurate glossary and term database are the first step in ensuring translation quality. TIMESTRANS will work out a project-specific glossary with the client's reviewer if necessary and convert it to different formats for convenient reference.

Translation memory (TM) tools:
SDL Trados
STAR Transit


Quality Translation Procedures


We work within a documented quality procedure born from experience. Where required we will adopt additional quality controls in order to align with client-side process.




All TIMESTRANS translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. TIMESTRANS takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.


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We much appreciate your use of terminologies. It's incredible that you complete the large volume of translation within such a short timeframe while maintaning the consistency of terminologies.

--Travelex Currency Services Inc