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We specialize in providing translation services in a range of fields including:



With a dedicated team of over 100 certified translators in China and worldwide, all native speakers with a master's degree or equivalent qualification in translation, translation services include:


  • Brochures
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Medical Documents
  • Technical Manuals
  • Website Content
  • Legal Contracts
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Software Content
  • Letters
  • Catalogs
  • And much more ...


Extensive Resources

We have a network of over 1,000 linguists — the best in the industry. All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in their subject areas. They are rigorously selected professionals, who are tested and evaluated by TIMESTRANS. In addition, they are accredited by many global linguist organizations.


Why Use TIMESTRANS translation services?

  • Our translators are professionally qualified linguists and have extensive experience in industry.
  • Our translators work only in subjects relevant to their qualifications and experience and are rigorously tested.
  • Our translators work exclusively into their native language.
  • Technical translation services can be provided in any document format including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark XPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, XML, InterLeaf and PageMaker.
  • Our use of translation memory software can guarantee consistency of terminology, reduce lead times and costs of your translation, as well as help build up a company-specific terminology list.


Quality Assurance


We have developed a process that enables us to produce translations of the highest quality that read as if they were originally crafted in the target language. We assign three professional linguists: a translator, editor, and proofreader to create each translation.

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We much appreciate your use of terminologies. It's incredible that you complete the large volume of translation within such a short timeframe while maintaning the consistency of terminologies.

--Travelex Currency Services Inc


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